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Smircs t-shirt is made in collaboration with the Swedish design studio Reborn In Color and the designer Sofia Norinder.

The t-shirt is made out of organic cotton, processed and aligned with the global organic textile standards (GOTS), and made in Portugal by the producer Oliviera & Carvalho, Lda. 

The t-shirt comes in different sizes but are a bit bigger fit then regular t shirts.

Reborn in Color is a luxury brand founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2018. Dedicated and inspired to create sustainable, borderless, timeless quality products that last a lifetime. All originated out of a classic fashion-oriented and innovative mindset. Everything is possible…


100 % cotton + GOTS. Made in Portugal by the producer Oliviera & Carvalho, Lda.

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Bigger fit than regular t-shirt.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold (40°C).

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